Sunday February 10, 2019

Trump International Hotel & Tower

1161 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC

Don't want to drive all the way home?

Dr. Mahsa Soraya has arranged for an UNBELIEVABLE rate of only $225/night at the luxurious Trump Hotel, as well as a special rate  for Valet parking of only $22/night.  Get your tickets for the event as soon as possible to secure these amazing deals!

Relax and enjoy a lavish night in Downtown Vancouver like never before!

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Rent a promotional table to advertise your products at our event for a low price of $2,000 per table.  We ask you respectfully supervise your table throughout the evening; we are not responsible for any items lost or stolen during the event.


Our mission is to heal, feed, and educate as many children in need as we can reach

Our role as dentists motivates us to heal patients and restore teeth and as such, we are donating to Operation Rainbow (for cleft lip and palate operations) and to The Oral Oncology Cancer Clinic in Abbotsford.

Here in Canada and all around the world children are subjected to physical and sexual abuse.  Giving children who are lost and afraid a safe home, where they feel protected is our main goal.  Once these children feel secure we aim to feed and educate them, in that order. So that in turn they, themselves, can become a beacon of hope in another child's life. For that purpose, we have donated to non-profit organizations such as The Covenant House, Foster Parent’s Plan, Love Is The Answer, and The New Hope Society. 



When we're born as children we are in our most innocent and pure form.  It is said we are celestial beings and angelic sprits in earthly forms.  We come from a heavenly source, we're on this earth for a few years. And we turn back to that heavenly source.  In my opinion children are sacred, honest, dependant, and most of all helpless.  They are meant to be loved and cared for so that their laughter and joy can fill the hearts.  But in many cases this happy childhood, the loving kiss of a mother, or the protective arms of a father is just fairy tale.  


Abusive, unhappy homes, poverty, and hunger are only few reasons why children take to the streets and seek a life a solitude or worse prostitution rather than staying home.  My mission and my goal is to provide security first and foremost, then heal, feed, and educate as many children as I possibly can.

We seek out and help smaller organizations such as Covenant House, ALS Society of BC, and Operation Rainbow, that may be struggling financially.

In his book, Nader Angha had written "do not worry about the darkness that enfolds the world, concentrate on being a single candle."

Those words have changed my life for the past 20 years.  It is my intention, my deepest hope, and my mission in life to be the brightest candle I can be. And I respectfully ask my friends to join me against this fight over darkness.

Covenant House: On a bitter cold and stormy night on the lower east side of Manhattan, six runaways were sleeping in the doorway of a young priest's apartment doorway. When asked why the kids weren't at home in bed, they simply replied: "we don't have a home - we're runaways". That night, Father Bruce Ritter founded Covenant House. Covenant House Vancouver exists for those young people for whom there is often no one else - young people aged 16-24 who have fled physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse, those who have been forced from their homes or those who have aged out of foster care. We bandage their cut-up feet from days and nights walking the streets; give them hot food and a warm bed and support them in their choice to change their present circumstances while helping them heal from past traumas. Covenant House relies on the generosity of over 50,000 individuals and organizations to provide shelter, food, clothing and counseling to over 1,400 young people each year.

Operation Rainbow Canada: Operation Rainbow Canada is a private, all volunteer non-profit medical services organization which functions without paid staff and provides free reconstructive surgery and related health care for cleft lip and cleft palate deformities to needy children and young adults in developing countries.

In addition to cleft lip and palate surgery, the teams also perform reconstructive surgery for burn and post contractures. Without corrective surgery, children born with cleft lip and cleft palate deformities are shunned, ostracized, denied schooling and eventually succumb to a solitary life lived in the protection of their homes.

New Head and Neck Oral Oncology Cancer Clinic in Abbotsford: With the increasing number of patients in Fraser Valley and beyond as well as an increase in the number of head and neck cancer patients, both the current dental/oral oncology centers are at capacity.  Many patients are travelling long distances to get treatment at our clinic.  Some put up with their aches and pain and even forgo treatment as they are unable to travel to our clinic.  Travelling is not only financially exhausting, but  also emotionally and physically taxing.  Cancer is one of the most difficult times in one's life where they need to be surrounded by loved ones and family.  Care closer to home is a gift of love and caring that we can accomplish through our efforts.

ALS Society of B.C.: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a rapidly progressive, neuromuscular disease. It attacks the motor neurons that transmit electrical impulses from the brain to the voluntary muscles in the body. When they fail to receive messages, the muscles lose strength, atrophy and die. ALS can strike anyone at anytime, regardless of age, gender, or ethnic origin. It does not affect the senses, and only rarely does it affect the mind. The equipment costs for each patient average $137,000, while nursing and home care costs can be up to 10 times this amount. The average life expectancy after diagnosis is 3 to 5 years.

Kwanten Polytechnic University: We are in partnership with KPU. As a result of our donations to KPU Angel Care Helping Hands has an award in our name. The Angel Care Award for Entrepreneurial Leadership is available for emerging entrepreneurs with excellent grades.

M.T.O. Persian School: Located in Burnaby the school is committed to educating young Persian students on the importance of Persian literature, history and culture. A volunteer based program supporting over 50 students. The school teaches young people the importance of their heritage, culture, language and dance. The school holds a bi-annual show which is presented for the Persian community to enjoy and the children get a change to perform their national dance, songs and plays.

New Hope Therapeutic Society:  New Hope Therapeutic Society (NHTS) has been a Canadian registered non-profit society since 1981. For over three decades they have provided child and family services to the needy.  Since their inception, they have provided services to British Columbia Child and Family Services, Federal Corrections and the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs. Since 2008, they have undertaken the responsibility to raise financial assistance for Saint Elizabeth Orphanage/School in Kisumu, Kenya. Their primary goal in Kenya is to provide food, shelter, medical assistance and education to needy and abandoned children

Love Is The Answer:  LITA assists orphaned children and caregivers of orphaned children in Africa in areas of poverty relief and education, and by supporting grass roots community initiatives of benefit to the children that are self directed, lead towards self-sufficiency and sustainability.

Presently, LITA has two local volunteer agents on the ground full time in Uganda where all of our projects are in progress.

Cambodia Water Well Project: The villages in which they work typically have no source of clean drinking water. Without access to clean water, families have usually relied on gathering dirty water from scum-covered nearby retaining ponds, or carrying water in plastic containers from far-away rivers. We help the families gain access to clean water in three ways: Water wells, rainwater harvesting and biosand filters. Everything changes when clean water becomes available! Sickness and disease is dramatically reduced. Water becomes available for growing vegetable gardens or for fishponds, addressing hunger and malnutrition. Children who previously had to work for hours each and every day, hauling water are able to attend school regularly. Life begins anew! 

Thank you for your generous and kind support of our charity, Angel Care Helping Hands. In the past 22 years we have achieved great things together. With your support we have provided clean running wells in Cambodia, and supported hospitals in Fiji and Iran. We have fed hungry kids in the US and Canada through Tony Robins and Covenant House. We have taken  in foster kids through Foster Plan Canada and United Ways. We have fought prostate cancer through Dr. Sadar Research at BC Cancer Foundation. We have provided cleft lip and palate surgery with the help of Operation Rainbow and Dr. Rai.
We hope you share our pride in all we have accomplished in the past 22 years. This year we are donating to find a cure for ALS through ALS Society of B.C.  I had no idea what ALS was until a young patient of mine, whom I have seen for almost 20 years, was just diagnosed with this debilitating disease. The research on ALS is scarce to say the least, and the effects of this disease without research are devastating. 

Thank you all again for trusting me and for joining me to be a force for good!

Fight Against Prostate Cancer (Silver Sponsor): One in six men, who are over 50 years of age, will suffer from Prostate Cancer. An average of 83 Canadian senior men, die each week from this dreaded disease. Dr. Soraya supports Dr. Marianne Sadar of the B.C Cancer Agency's Prostate Cancer Research Center. Dr. Sadar has developed a drug that is redusing the size of tumors from the size of a pea down to grain of sand.

Plan Canada: 11 children are able to attend school and stay healthy.

New Hope Society: The orphanage we support - some of the children have now been adopted, and new ones are supported every day!

Covenant House: Continuing to support kids that need help here at home in our beautiful province of British Columbia.

Operation Rainbow Canada: Dr. Rai and his team have conducted over 100 surgeries in the middle east, restoring smiles through cleft clip operations.

M.T.O. Persian School: Have been able to upgrade their facility and have expanded their classes to include music lessons, leadership classes as well as cultural activities.  

Tony Robins Platinum Sponsorship: over $13,000 was donated to feed the hungry and underprivileged children in the U.S. and Canada 

Here's what our 2017 fundraiser has done for our charity groups so far